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We were the first company to give one simple price for an EPC. Providing your property has no more than 5 bedrooms – you simply pay £69.

In 2 to 3 days after the site visit you can expect to get your EPC.

We also provide an Express EPC Service for a small additional cost, should you need the EPC the same day.

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The EPC current market can be a very strange one. It’s often consists of additional 3rd parties taking a piece of the pie. So for example say you do a Google search since you need an EPC. The majority of the advertisements at the very top are simply marketing companies who sell on the lead to someone in the location and take a commission cut from the price they may have charged the customer.

Are you aware that most Estates Agents don’t actually carry out your EPCs. It’s not worthwhile for them because the EPC is seen as a low priced product in a competitive marketplace. They simply sub contract it all out to an actual company like ourselves, and then charge you double for the privilege. In fact your Agents will make a lot more out of the EPC than we do.

So if you wish to avoid paying other people commissions book direct with us. Spend less plus get a better service.

The EPC Visit - What To Prepare For

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Typically the average visit can take between 20 and 30 minutes. The Assessor will need access to all rooms. The Assessor will take measurements of your property, and then will go around room by room and obtain information about the existing heating, lighting, glazing and insulation

Your Assessor has to get pictures of a number of things within the property. The pictures are generally of things such as, your boiler, the heating controls, insulating material inside the loft etc. These images are required for audit purposes and must be provided to an auditor as proof to support the data that were entered into the software.

It may be helpful when you can supply receipts or guarantees for any of the following:

Loft conversions
Wall insulation: cavity, internal, or external
Solar installation

Things To Do To Assist

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Access Required

The Surveyor will need access to specific spots within the home that can occasionally be blocked with customer things.

Access to the boiler
Access to the hot water cylinder.
Access to the loft hatch to get into the roof space. The Surveyor will have their own step ladder.
Access to the gas and electric meter if they are in a storage space

The EPC Rating

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To produce the EPC, your Assessor has to enter all the details from the site visit into accredited Government software.

The EPC will rate your property from an A 100 (the highest) to a G 0 (the lowest). An average UK home currently is rated at a D60. The Energy Performance Certificate will offer recommendations on enhancements that can be made to the home that will increase the rating.

For home sales the epc score would possibly not necessarily affect the sale, the seller simply has to give the purchaser with the information and facts so that they can make their own decisions. However for rentals, the property needs to be at least an E energy rating, otherwise the property can’t be let until improvements have been made.

The EPC is then valid for a period of ten years.

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