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 epcHome is an EPC Bedford provider undertaking EPCs within the Bedford and surrounding areas. Every property that’s put on the market for sale or for letting will need to have an EPC. An EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is carried out by a professional Domestic Energy Assessor.

The price for an EPC in Bedford is £69 up to 5 bed detached house.


  • Cut out the middle – we are up to 50% cheaper than your local estate agent.
  • Over 12,000 EPCs completed to date.
  • No misleading “from” prices.
  • No waiting days for an Assessor to call you back.
  • Express EPC service available. Get your EPC same day.


What is An EPC

EPC certificate energy rating A to GThe energy efficiency rating of a house is presented on a 3-5 page online statement referred to as an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate. This document is important when marketing or renting a property. It rates homes from an “A” the best, to a “G” the bottom.

The EPC also shows what energy saving improvements could be made by providing a list of recommendations, as well as an idea of costs and the expected money savings that would be made.

An EPC Bedford Domestic Energy Assessor or DEA for short who is accredited and registered is required to produce an EPC. To produce the EPC, the DEA must visit the property to obtain the information. Then using Government approved software, this information is input into the system to produce your Energy Performance Certificate.

Bedford EPC AssessorEPC Assessors

An EPC Assessor has to be fully qualified to undertake domestic energy assessments.

They are regularly CRB checked and are continually audited on a percentage of the assessments they undertake.

They also have to maintain regular continued profession development (CPD) courses to ensure they are to date with changes in the industry.


EPC Assessors Bedford

We aim to provide customers with a prompt and reliable service in Bedford as well as offering extremely competitive prices to all our customers.

Our Assessors are directly employed by us and not third party contracted surveyors who can often prove to be unreliable.


SAP Assessors Bedford

All new builds, dwelling change of use, or overglazed extensions will require SAP calculations to demonstrate compliance with Part L of the building regulations. Sap calculations are more in depth than a standard EPC and are priced on an individual basic.

Contact us if you have been asked for Sap calculations from building control.


Commercial EPC In Bedford

If your building is a non domestic  property, then you will need a commercial epc. Commercial buildings vary significantly in size and complexity and each building is quoted on an individual basis. Contact us if you need a non-domestic epc.


Area coverage – Bedford




epcHome have full coverage of Bedford and we can help with providing your Certificate in the Bedford area.

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How To Improve Your EPC Rating

There are many data entries that go into creating your EPC, however the 3 most important items that contribute the most to the rating are:

  • The main source of fuel ie, gas, electric, oil, LPG etc.
  • The heating system in the property.
  • The amount of insulation in the property.

Main source of fuel

Gas and air source heat pumps rate best on the EPC as they cost less to heat the home.

Peak rate electric and LPG rate very poorly on the EPC because they cost significantly more to heat your home using these fuel sources.


Heating System

 A good heating system that also has heating controls such as a room thermostat and a programmer/timer will rate well especially if the property is heated by one of the lower running cost fuels previously mentioned.


The  Amount of Insulation

Good insulation in the walls, floors and roof keeps the energy running costs of the property low and improves the EPC rating. This in conjunction with a good heating system will normally ensure a good energy rating.

To improve your energy rating try to implement those factors mentioned above as it will go a long way to achieving a good rating.


EPC Rating

The EPC certificate is rated in bands from A the highest to G the lowest

  • EPC rating A = 92-100 SAP points (most efficient)
  • EPC rating B = 81-91 SAP points.
  • EPC rating C = 69-80 SAP points.
  • EPC rating D = 55-68 SAP points.
  • EPC rating E = 39-54 SAP points.
  • EPC rating F = 21-38 SAP points.
  • EPC rating G = 1-20 SAP points (least efficient)


Other facts

  • An average UK property is rated D60.
  • To legally rent a property it must be rated at least an E
  • There is no minimum rating to sell a property.

How Do I Prepare For An EPC?

There isn’t much you need to do to prepare for an EPC assessment. Just make sure you follow these simple guidlines.


Make sure these items are accessible:

  • All rooms within the property
  • Gas and electric meters
  • Hot water cylinder
  • Access to the loft space if you have one.



The EPC is very much evidence based and information can only be entered into the software if the Assessor can gather photographic evidence or obtain documentary evidence from the customer. Here are the most common documentary evidence that we would need to see.

  • Completion certificate or building plans for any loft conversions.
  • Proof of date windows were installed, if after 2002, such as Fensa certificate or invoice/receipt from contractor.
  • Evidence of additional insulation added that typically wouldn’t be visible such as floor insulation, sloping ceiling insulation, internal wall insulation.
  • Copy of MCS certificate if you have installed any renewable technologies such as Solar, or Heat Pumps.

The EPC is not a condition report, so we won’t need things such as service or maintenance records.


Can You Fail An EPC Certificate Check?

The EPC report only shows the property’s energy performance rating. Technically, you cannot fail it. For their internal purposes, some organisations might require that the EPC have a minimum rating. Here are some examples:

Rental:  to legally rent a property the property must be at least an E on the epc rating.

Lenders: many lenders are now requiring that the EPC has an E rating. In certain cases, if the EPC doesn’t achieve an E rating, further restrictions may be placed by the lender. For example, a restriction could include a holdback of some of the funds until the minimum standard is met.

Grant Funding: On the flip side, grants funding for the Local Authority Green Homes Grants Scheme will only be available to properties with an F, E, or G epc ranking.These properties are more costly to manage and would reap the greatest benefits from energy efficiency upgrades.

In these kind of cases, then a lower EPC rating is a more favoured outcome.

How Much Should I Pay For An EPC In Bedford?

The cost for an EPC in Bedford depends on several factors. We have made it simple by offering a fixed cost for all property types, up to a five-bed property. Some providers offer extremely low prices, but there are also some scammers out there.

You should always read customer reviews before making a booking. You can check our Google Reviews by CLICKING HERE.

How do I get an EPC certificate

A site visit is required to obtain the information required for your EPC. It’s simply to arrange. You can book online 24/7 by clicking on the button on the right, or call us free on 0800 046 7345. You can either pay when booking or pay on the day. Our pricing is simple, if you have no more than 5 bedrooms then we offer a simple fixed price of only £69. For 6 bedrooms +, please call for a quote.

Once booked you will receive an email confirmation and a text reminder a day before the visit. You can cancel with a full refund if you cancel before 24 hours of the visit. 

Covering East Anglia, East and West Midlands we also offer our services at EPC Birmingham.

Do I Need an EPC certificate

A great deal of energy is wasted in domestic homes. This is why the Government has laid down targets to reduce this. The EPC was created as a document to give energy saving advice to residents moving into a property. An EPC is also required to be given to the new tenant of a rental property.

The EPC is a legal document and is normally given to the new resident by the solicitor, letting agents, or estate agent. From April 2020 all rented properties must have a valid EPC registered on the Government portal. Also for rental, the EPC must meet the mininmum rating of an E. It is illegal to rent a property with no EPC or one with a rating of F or G, unless there is a valid exemption. Fines of up to £5,000 can be issued for non- compliances.

At epcHome we make getting an Energy Performance Certificate in Bedford, simple quick and low cost. We also give you some tips in getting your EPC to show the best representation of your property. Within 2 or 3 days your EPC certificate number will be emailed to you. It will also be lodged on to the national register and will then be available to view online.

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