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epcHome is an EPC provider carrying out EPCs in Coventry and surrounding areas. If you’re renting or selling a property, then you’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) carried out by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA)

We work hard to ensure getting an EPC in the Coventry area is as easy and low cost as possible.


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What is An EPC?

The energy efficiency of a house is reflected on a 3-5 page statement known as an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate. This document is actually required when selling or renting a dwelling. It rates the energy performance of properties from an “A” the best, to a “G” the worst.

Your EPC also shows what energy saving improvements could be made by providing a list of recommendations, as well as an idea of costs and the expected money savings that would be made.

Coventry energy assessors are accredited and registered to produce your EPC. To produce the EPC, the assessor must visit the property to obtain the information. This information is entered into approved software which then produces your domestic Energy Performance Certificate.

Why Do I Need an EPC?

A great deal of energy is wasted in domestic homes. This is why the Government has laid down targets to reduce this. This is the reason the EPC was created. It is a legal document that must be provided by the seller to the new owner giving a summary of the energy efficiency of the property. An EPC is also required to be given to the new tenant of a rental property.

The EPC is normally given to the new resident by the solicitor, letting agents, or estate agent. By law all rented properties must have a valid epc with at least an energy rating of at least an “E”. We can also give advice on how to improve the energy performance rating of your building in Coventry.

At epcHome we make getting an EPC in Coventry, simple quick and cheap. We also give you some tips in getting your EPC to show the best representation of your property. Within 2 or 3 days your EPC will be emailed to you. It will also be lodged on to the national register and will then be available for your solicitor or estate agent to view and download online.

How To Get A Domestic EPC

Booking your EPC in Coventry is easy:

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That’s it, your EPC is booked. You will receive an email confirmation and a text reminder a day before the visit.

You can cancel with a full refund if you cancel before 24 hours of the visit.


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Sap Calculations Coventry

Sap calculations are required for all new built properties, dwelling change of use and overglazed extensions. We’ll get your project passed with building control. Get in touch.

Commercial EPC Shops in Coventry

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate Coventry

You’ll need a commercial EPC if the property is not a domestic resident. Please get in touch for expert advice and a competitive quote.

Here we will answer your most common questions asked about the EPC.

Which Properties Are Exempt From Needing An EPC?

  • Residential buildings that are used for less than 4 months of the year.
  • Stand-alone buildings (of less than 50 m2 )
  • Places of worship.
  • Temporary buildings that will be used for less than two years.
  • Industrial sites and non-residential agricultural buildings that use little energy.
  • Listed buildings.
  • What Is Penalty For Not Having An EPC?

    A set penalty charge of £200 may be given for failure to comply in the following instances: on sale or rent the owner or landlord failed to make a valid domestic EPC available free of charge to the future buyer or tenant at the earliest opportunity.

    Can You Let A Property Without Having An Energy Performance Certificate?

    The answer is No. From April 2020 all rental properties must have a valid EPC registered on the EPC register. To legally rent a property the energy rating of the EPC needs to be at least an “E”, or the property must have a valid exemption.

    The EPC rates a property from A 100 (the best) to G 0 ( the least efficient). The rating of an average UK property is a D60 Rental properties need to be at least an E rating. If it is not an E then the landlord will have to carry out some of the recommendations on the EPC to improve the rating. If an E rating can not be achieved, then an exemption can be applied for by going to the Government website and applying for an exemption on the PRS register.

    What Is The Minimum EPC Rating To Let A Property?

    Homes rented out in the private sector will be required to possess an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with a minimum energy performance rating of ‘E’. It will be illegal to rent out a property which does not have a minimum E rating unless the property has an exemption.

    Can You Fail An EPC?

    No. The EPC is not a pass or fail. Nevertheless, different 3rd parties may require the EPC have a specific rating before they decide to proceed. One example would be a bank loaning funds against a rental property, would require the EPC is at least an “E”.

    What Does EPC E Mean?

    The Energy Performance Certificate will rate the property either A,B,C,D,E,F, or G. An E rating is the legal minimum a property can be so as to rent out. Also, it is becoming the standard requested by financial institutions when loaning funds against a home.

    It’s not saying you won’t be able to borrow the money if it is below an E, but there are more likely to be extra clauses in the agreement.

    What Happens If An EPC Runs Out During A Tenancy?

    It will have to be renewed Under the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard, all rental properties will need to have a valid EPC of at least an E rating or higher. All EPCs are lodged on a national register at epcregister.com. The EPC is good for a further ten years.

    Is An EPC A Legal Requirement?

    Yes, an Energy Performance Certificate is a legal requirement for all rental properties and properties which are being sold as well as all newly built properties. Legally, the inbound occupant has to be given an EPC.

    Can A Property Be Marketed Without An EPC?

    Yes a property can be advertised without having an EPC subject to one having been booked to be done within seven days. If after making all reasonable attempts one can not be done within that period, then a further 21 days is allowed to get one.

    Are All Listed Buildings Exempt From An EPC?

    All listed buildings are exempt from needing an EPC. A listed building is one as being defined in the database of Historic England as a listed building. A list is available at https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/

    Just How Much Will An Energy Performance Certficate Cost

    The price of an Energy Performance Certificate is generally in the range of £50 – £120. This depends upon size of property and location. Usually it will be cheaper if going straight to an approved Assessor as opposed to through a third party like an Estate Agent or a marketing company.

    Can You Evict A Tenant Without An EPC?

    If the tenancy started or was renewed after 1 October 2015, a landlord cannot evict using a section 21 notice (no fault eviction) if they have not given the tenant an Energy Performance Certficate. If the EPC is subsequently obtained, a period of 8 weeks has to pass before applying for a section 21 notice.

    As well as the Energy Performance Certificate the tenant would have had to be also provided with a gas safety certificate and also a copy of the government guide “How to rent”. The “How to Rent” guide can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-rent

    Landlords are always advised to get proper legal advice so that all documentation is given to the courts correctly.

    Is It A Legal Requirement For An EPC When Renting?

    Since April 2020, all properties for rental need to have a valid EPC on the EPC register. The EPC rates the energy efficiency of a home from A-G. For rental, the EPC needs to be a minimum rating of an E, unless a valid exemption has been applied for.

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