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epcHome is an established EPC provider carrying out EPCs in Luton an surrounding areas. If you’re selling or renting a property then you need an EPC carried out by an acredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). Our costs are simple – £55 up to 5 bed detached house. If you are a landlord needing help with getting your property up to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard of at least an EPC band E rating, contact us for advice.


  • No complicated price variations of property types and rooms.
  • No misleading “from” prices.
  • No waiting for an Assessor to call you back.
  • No filling in long complicated forms before you get a price.

Once your EPC is lodged on to the national register, it will be available for your solicitor or estate agent to view and download..

An EPC is valid for 10 years, so unless you’re a seasoned landlord with numerous properties, it’s not something you’re going to get done very often. So we’re going to answer most of the common questions that we get asked about EPCs. Hope this helps.

How To Get An EPC

It’s easy to get an EPC. Either call us free on 0800 046 7345, or CLICK HERE to book online 24/7. Our Assessor will then visit your property to gather the information that’s needed for the report. Your EPC will be emailed to you electronically within 2 days of the visit. 

If you need an EPC in a hurry then for a small additional charge we can get the EPC to you the same day of the visit.

What Does An EPC Involve

The Assessor gathers information in the property about the construction and age of the property. Also information relating to the heating, insulation, glazing and lighting is taken. The Assessor then inputs this data into approved Government software, which then rates the property from an A to G. The average UK property is rated at a D 60.

How Long Does An EPC Last For

The EPC is lodged on a government register. The energy performance certificate last for 10 years. After the period of 10 years, the certificate will still stay on the register but will show as being expired.

Can You Fail An EPC

Technically you can’t really fail an EPC, as the report simply shows the rating of the property. However, certain organisations may require the EPC to have a minimum rating for their own internal purposes. Here are some examples:

Rental:  to legally rent a property the property must be at least an E energy rating.

Lenders: many lenders are starting to demand that the EPC shows an E rating also. In some cases if it doesn’t reach an E, then further restrictions may be put on the lender, such as holding back an amount until the minimum standard is reached.

On the other side of the coin, under the Local Authority Green Homes Grants Scheme, grant funding would only be available to properties that are an E, F, or G energy rating. These are the properties that are more costly to run and would benefit most from energy efficiency improvements.

Can I Do My Own EPC Certificate

Doing your own EPC Certificate is not something you can do yourself. It can only be done by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor who is accredited by a government approved scheme manager. Only these people will have access to the approved software systems. Assessors are continually audited to ensure they are working within the scheme boundaries.

Do I need to renew an EPC during a tenancy?

From April 2020 all rented properties must have a valid EPC. Also the EPC must meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) of an E rating. This means once the EPC has expired regardless of the position of the tenancy, then an EPC is required.

What happens when EPC expires?

When your EPC expires, if the property is for rental you will need to get a new one done. If the EPC expires for other purposes you are not legally required to renew it, until, for example, you decide to sell the property.

What is the minimum EPC rating?

There is actually no overall EPC minimum rating. Only properties that are for rental have to have an EPC rating of at least at E. There are however some properties that are exempt from meeting this requirement. Further details can be found on the government PRS register.

When did an EPC become a legal requirement?

The EPC became a legal requirement as part of EU regulations on 1 August 2007. It was then part of the Home Information Pack and was only required on detached homes. It was subsequently expanding to all properties. The certificate is valid for a period of 10 from the time it is registered.

How much should I pay for an EPC?

The cost of an EPC varies depending on various factors. However, we’ve made it simple by offering a fixed price for all property types up to a 5 bed property. Beware of some extremely low price providers, there are some unscrupulious providers out there. It’s wise to check reviews before booking. You can check our Google Reviews by CLICKING HERE.


Can I sell a property with an EPC rating of F?

Yes you can sell your property whatever the rating. The main purpose of providing the certificate to the prospective purchaser is that you are providing them with the information. After that it is up to the customer to make their own decisions on the purchase.

What Is An EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate is is also known as an EPC. Similar to the energy rating that you see on appliances, the EPC shows the rating of the property It provides an energy rating from A to G, where A is the most efficient and G is the least efficient. The better the rating the more energy efficient the building is and the lower the fuel bills will be.

The Energy Performance Certificate is produced by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor who visits the property and gathers information in the home relating to the present heating system, glazing lights, and insulation, as well as dimensions of the dwelling. This information is then entered into Government approved software which will then generate the EPC. The EPC will assess the energy efficiency of services which are present in the building. It will not comment on the present condition or safety aspects or maintenance of the services, nor will the assessment confirm that the installed system is fit for purpose.

Why were EPCs introduced?

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) began the Implementation of EPCs in The european union.

Why is an EPC is required?

An Energy Performance Certificate is intended to provide the new buyer or tenant with appropriate information regarding the energy performance of the property along with helpful information on improving its overall performance. It will give recommendations of energy saving improvements that could be made to the property along with estimated installation costs as well as annual savings that would be made by carrying out that improvement. However, there is no statutory requirement to carry out any of the recommended energy efficiency measures stated if the EPC is for the sale of the property. However, if the EPC is for rental, then it must reach a minimum energy rating of an E. 

Besides property sales and rentals, EPCs might also be required by:

  • A financial institution when applying for a Loan or a remortgage
  • Claim for a Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI)
  • Grant funding for heating or insulation

The Government has recognised that private rental properties are some of the lowest energy rating properties in the housing stock. They have taken steps to further improve the standard of these houses. From April 2020 all rentals must meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES). What this means is the property must have an EPC energy rating of at least at E. Any lower than this and the property can not be rented. This means landlords must take action to increase the energy rating, or if relevant, apply for a qualifying exemption. 

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An EPC shows the energy efficiency of a property and is a legal requirement when selling or letting a property. For more advice of what is an EPC click here.

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