What’s involved in getting a property epc certificate?

Energy Assessor doing a home visit

How to prevent your property energy rating being downgraded. Follow this simple guide. 

So now that you have booked your epc you’ll probably have a few questions about what’s involved during the visit.

In this article we’ll cover the following commonly asked questions such as

  • How long does an EPC visit take?
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for the visit?
  • What does the Assessor do during the visit?
  • How long before I get my certificate?

Before we cover some of the above topics, I’ll explain why things have to be done a certain way during a visit.

The EPC certificate is actually a legal document that is required if you are renting or selling a property and all the information in the EPC has to be able to be audited by an external assessor. Therefore a site visit to the property must be done, also photographic evidence of the information that goes in the EPC must be obtained during the visit.

How Long Does An EPC Visit Take?

Every property is different in it’s complexity but most visits take between 20 and 40 minutes. Properties with extensions built at different times take a bit longer.

Do I Need To Do Anything To Prepare For The Visit?

There is actually very little you need to do for the visit. However just make sure of the following things:

  • Access is available to ALL rooms
  • Access is available to these items:
  • The loft (your assessor will have his own ladder)
  • The boiler
  • Hot water cylinder if you have one
  • The gas and electric meters

If for any reason the Assessor is unable to access something then they have to put “unknown” into the software – this may have a negative impact on the EPC rating.


Documentation that we may need to see if you have it

  • Date of any loft conversion, such as a completion certificate or date on plans

  • Documentation of any insulation that was added to the property that typically can’t be seen, such as internal wall insulation, floor insulation, sloping ceiling insulation. The documentation much show the thickness of the insulation material added. If there is no proof, we can’t include it in the EPC.

Documents that we DON'T need to see

  • The EPC is not a condition report, so we don’t need to see things like maintenance or service records.
  • Any information about white goods, such as fridges, freezers, cookers, etc..
  • Any utility bills.

What does the Assessor do during the visit?

The Assessor needs to obtain a defined set of data items about your house such as:

  • Type of external wall construction
  • Dimensions of the property
  • Type of glazing in the property
  • Type of lighting
  • The heating system in the property
  • The heating controls in the property
  • The provision for the hot water
  • The amount of insulation present in the property

As previously mentioned, photographic evidence must be taken of the above items that are present in the property.


Why are photographs required?

Because the EPC is a legal document, the photos are required if the EPC is called up for an audit and for no other purposes. This ensures the EPC is an accurate representation of the property which can be substantiated by either photographic or documentary evidence.

Once the Assessor has all the information on the property, the information is input into approved Government software that will then produce your EPC.

How long before I get my certificate?

Your certificate details are typically emailed to you in 2/3 days after the visit.


Need your EPC in a hurry?

Then order an Express EPC and get your certificate the same day of the visit.


From September 2020 the EPC certificate is only available as an online document, a bit like your car MOT. The old pdf versions of the certificate are no longer available.


The online version gives much more assistance to other Government resources such as grants and other forms of help that may benefit the property.


The online version of the certificate is the only true copy of your EPC. 

Still have a question, drop us an email. 

Or give us a call on 0800 046 7345


  1. Martin Fathers

    Wondering if I can have a paper version of the energy performance certificate.

    • Rickie Dickson

      Hi Martin
      The EPC is no longer meant to be distributed as a paper copy. Very much like your car tax and mot, there is only one true copy of the certificate and this is the digital one online. You can retreive your certificate anytime by going to https://www.gov.uk/find-energy-certificate


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