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If you’re renting, selling, or applying for a re-mortgage, you’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) carried out by an approved Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA).

The typical price of an EPC in St Albans is £59.

What Is An EPC?

An EPC, which stands for Energy Performance Certificate, is a document that show the energy efficiency rating of a property from an A ,the most efficient, to G the least efficient.

An EPC Certificate will also give recommendations on energy saving improvements that could be made to the property that would help to lower your energy bills.

The EPC is a 3 to 5 page online document. All St Albans EPCs are kept as a digital copy online on the government epc register.

The EPC will give details of the property regarding:

  • Rules on letting the property
  • Energy rating and score
  • Breakdown of property’s energy performance
  • Improvements you could make
  • Who to contact about the certificate
  • Other certificates for the property
Online  St Albans EPC

St Albans EPC Assessors

An EPC can only be produced by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor.

Our Assessors are regularly CRB checked and are continually audited on a percentage of the assessments they undertake. They also have to maintain regular continued profession development (CPD) courses to ensure they are to date with changes in the industry.

We aim to provide customers with a prompt and reliable service in St Albans as well as offering extremely competitive prices to all our customers.

Our Assessors are directly employed by us and not third party contracted surveyors who can often prove to be unreliable. 


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Landlord EPC Services in St Albans

The regulations for landlords are forever increasing. If you are a landlord, make sure that you don’t fall foul of the regulations, as civil penalites of up to £5,000 can be issued.

Have a look at our Rental Property Rules for quick advice. We also offer discounts for multiple properties. Contact us for Landlord EPC services St Albans.

EPCs And Rental Properties Rules

From April 2020, all existing rental properties must have a valid EPC. Prior to that date an EPC was only required on new rentals. 

If you are a landlord in St Albans, the rating of the EPC must be at least an E. If it is an F or G, then the property cannot be rented unless it has a valid exemption.

All rental properties must meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard. Please call us for more information.

What Is The Minimum Rating For A Rental Property

The minimum energy efficiency rating for a rental property is an E. Properties that have a lower rating of either F or G cannot be legally let without a valid exemption.

The regulations that govern this is called The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard or (MEES) for short.

If there is an existing tenant in the property and the rating is lower than an E, then the landlord has to take steps to get the rating up to an E.

250,000 investors are yet to comply with the new regulations, according to a recent article in The Telegraph. Make sure you are not one of them. As time goes by, we expect more and more local authorities to get up to speed with enforcements.

The regulations, however, are not meant to be onerous. The first step to take is to get an EPC lodged on the register and if it is lower than an E, to show that you are taking or have taken steps to reach an E. Even if it doesn’t reach an E, there are certain exemptions that you may then be able to apply for.

 The proposed plans to raise the minimum energy efficiency standard to a C rating by 2025, was scrapped by Rushi Sunak in a government announcement in September 2023.

However, landlords should remain forward thinking, as a change of government policies could potentially overturn the current decision. To safeguard their investments for the long term, it is prudent to strive for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C, establishing it as a beneficial target to achieve.

We can give you expect advice on all aspects of improving your EPC rating in St Albans.

If you are selling a property, there is no minimum energy efficiency standard rating that has to be reached.


Improving EPC rating

How To Get An EPC in St Albans

An EPC is carried out by a qualified and accredited domestic energy assessor. To arrange a survey, either call us, or book online 24/7.

To produce an EPC, the Assessor has to visit the property. Your assessor will gather certain information about the property such as:

  • Dimensions of the property
  • Wall construction
  • Heating System and Control
  • Insulation levels
  • Lighting types
  • Glazing type and age

An average size property takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

The information is then entered into approved government software which produces the EPC.

The EPC is then lodged on the national EPC register and you should receive it by email typically in 2 to 3 days.

Should you require it urgently, for a small additional cost, we can arrange for you to get it the same day.

Your EPC is then valid for 10 years.

No upfront payment - Pay on the day

How To Improve Your EPC Rating  – 2 Top Tips

Here we will provide you with some simple tips so that your EPC reflects your property in the best light.


The data entered into the software is based on evidence that the Assessor gathers during the visit. Typically your Assessor will get the majority of the information whilst going around the property.

Your Assessor will take photographic or gather documentary evidence which is required for audit purposes. If no evidence is obtained then the Assessor has to enter “as built” into the software. In this case the software will use what the property would have been built with based on it’s age.

If you can provide documentary evidence of any of these types of improvements then these can be shown on the EPC and is likely to improve the rating of your EPC.

• Loft conversions year it was built – completion certificate, dated architectural plans.

• Double glazing improvement to the majority of the property – Fensa certificate, or dated receipt from the installer.

• Cavity wall insulation – guarantee, or receipt from installer.

• Solar Thermal, or Solar PV – MCS certificate from installer.

• Floor insulation/ sloping ceiling insulation – receipt from installer showing thickness fitted.


Make sure access is available to the following items:

  • Loft Insulation.
  • Boiler make & model.
  • Hot water cylinder if you have one.

If access is not available during the site visit the EPC rating will be downgraded.


Commercial EPC St Albans

If your property is a non domestic dwelling, then you will need a commercial epc. We also provide commercial epcs in St Albans.

Commercial properties vary significantly in size and complexity. Our prices start from only £198. Get in touch for our best prices.

SAP Calculations St Albans

If you have been asked by building control to produce an EPC in conjunction with recent building work, they will be looking for what’s called a SAP EPC.

This type of EPC is produced along with SAP calculations to show that building work has met certain standards required by the building regulations. If you’re not sure and need an Sap calculations in St Albans, just give us a call for further advice. Sap calculations are required for:

  • All New Build Property
  • Dwelling Change Of Use
  • Overglazed Extensions

How Long Does An EPC Last For?

An EPC is valid for a period of 10 years.

After that period the EPC will still be on the register but will show as “Expired”.

Do I need to renew an EPC during a tenancy?

Yes, you will need to renew an EPC during a tenancy. All properties that are rented out must have a valid EPC on the government register. Also the EPC must meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard.

What is the minimum EPC rating?

The minimum epc rating only applies to properties that are rented out and it currently has to meet an EPC rating of an E or higher. Properties that are rated F or G cannot be let unless they have a valid exception,

The plans to raise the rating to a C was scrapped by the conservative government in September 2023.

Can I Do My Own EPC Certificate?

No, you cannot do your own EPC.

EPC Certificates can only be produced by qualified and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor.

Only these Assessors will have access to the approved government software than enables an EPC to be lodged on the government register.

Can I sell a property with an EPC rating of F?

You can sell a property with an F or a G rating. The minimum energy rating only applies to rented properties.

However, issues may arise if the prospective purchaser intends to let the property, as it may be more difficult for them to obtain a mortgage. 

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