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epcHome is an EPC provider carrying out EPCs in Spalding and surrounding localities. If you’re renting or selling a home, you’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) carried out by a registered Domestic Energy Assessor. The price of an EPC is – £69 up to 5 bed detached house.

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At epcHome we work hard to make the cost of getting an energy performance certificate in Spalding and surrounding areas as cheap as possible. So follow our guidelines to ensure you get the best possible epc rating on your property. Once your EPC Assessor has visited, your epc certificate will be lodged on to the national register typically within 3 days. Your estate agent or solicitor will be able to access it from the register.

What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate is sometimes called an EPC. Similar to the energy rating that you see on appliances, the EPC shows the rating of the property and It provides an energy rating from A to G, where A is the most efficient and G is the least efficient.

The better the rating the more energy efficient the building is and the lower the fuel bills will be.

How is an EPC done?

The surveys are carried out by a certified Domestic Energy Assessor who comes to visit the property and collects details in the home about the existing heating system, glazing lighting, and insulation, as well as dimensions of the home. This information is then entered into Government approved software which will then generate the new EPC.

The EPC survey will assess the energy efficiency of services which are present in the building. It will not comment on the present condition or safety aspects or maintenance of the services, nor will the assessment confirm that the installed system is fit for purpose.

You can also carry out an EPC check in Spalding to see if there is already one on the government register.

Other reasons a new EPC survey may be needed:

  •  A financial institution when applying for a remortgage or a loan
  •  Application for RHI funding through the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. A new EPC will be required if the existing one is more than 2 years old.
  •  Applying for Grant funding for insulation or heating
  •  All properties for rental must be at least a minimum energy rating of an E to be legally let. Having said that, in particular instances an exemption can be applied for.

How To Improve Your EPC Rating

The Energy Performance of a building is rated in bands, with G being the lowest and A being the highest. Here are the bands.

  • Band A: 92+
  • Band B: 81-91
  • Band C: 69-80
  • Band D: 55-68
  • Band E: 39-54
  • Band F: 21-38
  • Band G: 1-20

The higher the energy performance rating, the lower the energy bills are likely to be.

These tips and guidelines will help you improve your Energy Rating.

  • This item will prevent your EPC being downgraded. Make sure you have documentary evidence of insulation improvements made to property that typically can’t be seen by the Assessor such as:

Internal wall insulation

Floor insulation

Sloping Ceiling Insulation

Acceptable evidence would be paperwork such as building control completion certificate, or invoice/receipt from the contractor. Your Assessor cannot enter information into the software just on the customer verbal say so.

  • If the loft is boarded make sure that Assessor can measure the insulation depth in a few spots. Make sure any required boards are lifted prior to the visit.
  • If your property has less than 50% low energy lights, increase the amount so that you have at least 80%.
  • If your loft currently has less than 150mm of insulation, get it topped up to at least 300mm. Grants are often available for this.
  • If your house was built after 1935, consider getting cavity wall insulation. Grants are often available for this.
  • Heating Controls play are important in the energy efficiency of a builder. If you have gas central heating, make sure you have a programmer/ timer, a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on over 50% of the radiators.
  • Homes heated by electricity rate poorly on the EPC, this is because it is more expensive to heat a home by electric compared to other fuel sources. However if this is the only option available, try to fit High Heat Retention storage heaters, these will require a dual meter. If you only have peak rate electricity try to fit electric room heaters that have appliance thermostats and programmer.

How to prepare for an EPC

There’s not actually much you need to do to prepare for an EPC in Spalding, as the visiting Assessor will be doing everything. Probably the most important thing you need to ensure is that access is available to these items in the property:

  • Gas and electric meters
  • Access to all rooms
  • Access to the loft. The Assessor will have their own ladders.
  • Access to the boiler, and hot water cylinder if you have one.
  • The only other thing that you will need to do is provide documentary paperwork for these items if they are applicable for your property.
  • Completion certificate or building plans for any loft conversions.
  • A Fensa certificate or other guarantee or an a contractors receipt if your window were installed after 2002
  • Copy of the MCS certificate if you have any renewable technologies such as Heat Pumps or any Solar.
  • Guarantee for cavity wall insulation if your property is rendered and has been painted since the installation.

Your EPC man won’t require any service or maintenance records because the Energy Performance Certificate is not a condition report.

It should be mentioned that all this information relates to a Domestic EPC. If you have a commercial building, then you are going to require a Commercial EPC carried out by a suitably qualified commercial EPC Assessor.


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An EPC shows the energy efficiency of a property and is a legal requirement when selling or letting a property. epcHome have full coverage of Peterborough and Spalding, or any PE postcode, we can help in supplying your EPC. We cover the following areas:

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