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What is an EPC?

You’ve been told you need an EPC. But what exactly is an EPC and why do you need one.

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Do You Need An EPC Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC for short is a legal required document that shows the energy rating of a property.

You will need one if you are:

Selling your home


Renting a property

Claiming For a Renewable Heat Incentive Grant

Your EPC Energy Rating

The information on the epc report will rate the energy performance of the property into bands from a G0, the worse, to an A100 the best.

The epc certificate will also give you a list of recommendations showing how you can improve your property energy rating.

epc certificate energy rating

Check The Domestic EPC Register

You can always check the EPC register first to see if the property has a valid EPC Certificate. All EPCs are kept on a Government portal and you can check by CLICKING HERE.

If there is no valid EPC on the register then we will get one down for you.

How To Get An EPC

Our local Assessors are fully qualified and accredited to undertake your EPC at some of the lowest prices in the industry. A visit to the property is required and you’ll get your EPC fast.

EPC Requirements For Landlords

All properties that are rented must have a valid EPC. Fines of up to £5,000 can be imposed for any non compliances.

Since April 2020 it has been a legal requirement under the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) , that a rented property achieve an epc rating of at least an E.

If the property is an F or G rating, then it cannot be legally let unless it has a valid exemption and some of the improvements on the EPC certificate will need to be carried out.

 We’ll work with you to make sure you comply with all the epc regulations.


EPC Guide

Explore more about the Energy Performance Certificate

EPC Rating E

EPC Rating E

EPC Rating E. Like a school report it means “Could do better”

EPC Rating B

EPC Rating B

Find out what a property must have to achieve an EPC rating of a B,

EPC Band C

EPC Band C

How to get a property to an EPC rating C.

EPC Band F

EPC Band F

What Causes EPC Rating F And How To Fix It.

Epc Rating Band D

EPC rating band d   The epc rating band d is the average epc rating of all properties in the UK. The actual average number is a D60. So if you’re in this rating, you’re not doing badly but there is room for improvement. For further information about the EPC check...

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epcHome is a website brand created by Energysmart. The remit was to provide a simple and easy way to arrange and get an Energy Performance Certificate for your home. Assessments are carried out by our own in-house Assessors, therefore avoiding using unreliable third parties. All our Assessors are fully accredited and registered on the Government register of certified Assessors.

We are an EPC company that cover the Midlands, London and East Anglia and carry out Energy Performance Certificates for domestic customers, letting agents, landlords and estate agents. We work hard to provide your EPC Certificate at the lowest possible price.

To date we have completed over 12,000 EPCs and look forward to you being a happy customer with us.


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