Home Energy Certificate Cost

It maybe less than you think

How much does an epc cost

When you are buying a house, renting, or building a new one, the home energy running cost is a useful document. This is because it’s a good idea to know what it’s likely to cost you in terms of energy before you move in, so you purchase or rent a house that suits your budget.

It’s good to know before you move in to have the estimates of the heating and energy costs so that you can budget.


How much does a home energy certificate cost?

A home certificate is an energy-saving document that can help reduce the running costs of your home. To get the best home energy certificate price you need to contact an accredited domestic energy assessor. Although the price is affected by the size of the property, it usually ranges between £60 to £120.

Do you need an EPC certificate to sell a house?

Yes, you do. The energy performance certificate is a legal requirement when selling. Without it, the solicitors wont be able to complete your transaction.
You will also need one if you plan to rent a property. Fines can be issued by the local authority for not having one and all property need to meet a minimum level of energy efficiency.


Is it that important?

The introduction of EPC was in 2007, but the government made it mandatory in 2010. The costs are above 60 pounds, but the fines are up to £5,000 if you rent a property that doesn’t have one. So it is better to stay on the right side of the law as its cheaper in the long run.

If you are a landlord, the news is that the rules are changing again, so keep yourself updated in this regard.