How Long Is An Energy Performance Certificate Valid For?

An energy performance certificate, most commonly refered to as an EPC, is valid for a period of 10 years. This applies to both domestic and comercial properties.

All EPCs are kept on a central government register at The register will show if there is a valid epc along with the property’s energy rating.



Legal requirements regarding an epc

If your epc certificate has expired, you must obtain a new one for either of the following reasons:

  • For all rental properties

  • If the property is being sold, or re-mortgaged


Other reasons where an EPC may be required

Although not a legal requirement, EPCs can sometimes be requested by a third party. Some of the most common ones are for:

  • Applying for a green mortgage

  • Funding for ECO grants or government grant schemes

EPC Exemptions

Certain properties are exempt from needing an epc, these are:

  • Places of worship
  • Temporary buildings that will be used for less than two years
  • Stand-alone buildings (less than 50 square metres of floor-space)
  • Industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings that don’t use a lot of energy
  • Holiday accommodation rented out for less than four months per year
  • Residential buildings intended to be used less than four months a year
  • Unsafe properties, a property that poses a serious health and safety risk to occupants or visitors
  • Properties to be demolished, properties that are due to be demolished where the marketing of the property, all the relevant documents and planning permission exists
  • listed or officially protected buildings and the minimum energy performance requirements would unacceptably alter it