How To Get An EPC For Free From The EPC Register

You can get a free copy of your EPC if one already exists on the EPC register. It simple, here’s how;

  • Type in in your browser window
  • This will take you to the government website, scroll down to “Start Now”
  • Select either “A domestic property” or “A non-domestic property”
  • Enter the postcode of the property you are searching for.
  • Select the property you want from the list that comes up.

Does an EPC expire?

Yes an EPC does expire as it is only valid for a period of 10 years. Once it has expired, it still stays shows on the epc register as “Expired”. In which case you will have to arrange to get a new one,

You will typically be able to get a new epc for under £100. To book a visit for an EPC, go to Book an EPC Online.

What Does An EPC Consists Of?

The EPC provides useful information about:

  • Rules on letting the property depending upon it’s rating
  • Energy rating and score of the property
  • Breakdown of property’s energy performance
  • How this affects your energy bill
  • Impact on the environment
  • Who to contact about the certificate


In summary, obtaining a free Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is possible if one already exists on the EPC register. By visiting, you can access the government website and easily search for an EPC by selecting the type of property and entering its postcode.

EPCs are valid for 10 years, after which they are marked as “Expired” on the register, and you may need to arrange for a new one, typically costing under £100.

An EPC offers valuable information about the property, including its energy rating, impact on energy bills, environmental effect, and rules about letting the property based on its rating.

The EPC certificate is a legally required document when selling or renting a property and is crucial for understanding and improving a property’s energy efficiency.